Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To Execute Or Not To Execute

I was at work today, and a lawyer friend of mine informed me about a gentleman on Death Row in Alabama. She told me that a certain inmate on Death Row was about to be executed this evening. Further, she informed me that another person had admitted to the crime for which he was going to be executed. I read a little more into the story . . . I was horrified. Upfront, I will admit that I am not a supporter of the death penalty. I think that no matter what someone's crime, that we, as a society, have no right to impose death on a human being. To give you some context, I think of the death penalty kind of like a parent who punishes their child for fighting by hitting them . . . JUST MY OPINION . . .

What I want from you guys, is some opinions on advocacy . . . if you believe that this the above act is wrong, OR, that anything you hear in the news is wrong, what can you, as social workers, do to affect change . . . more to the point, what do you think is a social worker's responsibility when they see injustice in action?
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