Saturday, August 9, 2008

Profiling: Not Just A Racial Issue

Amnesty International has a section on their website devoted to racial profiling. They define racial profiling as anytime a law enforcement officer or private security official use race as the determing factor for suspecting an individual of some type of criminal activity.

Other sections of the website, refer to profiling in terms of different identifying factors such as, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or any other identifying factor.

In addition, they provide five facts about profiling that cause the world we live in to be less safe.

The site also provides a discussion board for individuals to tell their stories or react to others thoughts, feelings, and experiences about profiling.

Of note . . . it never occured to me, for whatever reason, that profiling is considered to be indigenous to the United States . . . they don't come out and make that statement on the website, but it is very obvious from most of the links that they are not referring to a worldwide phenomenon.

What are your thoughts?

What other identifying factors could lead someone to be profiled?

Do you have any experiences with this phenomenon?

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